Sunday, December 11, 2005

We can change our consciousness to transparent mind

I will tell you extremely important things only for coming human being.
Why our human society becomes so strange fundamentally somehow?
Why we can not resonate each other as a creature.
Why people can see the TV scene which foreign people are killed by missiles and bombs easily?
Does it mean that our human mind become strange?

What is the root problem?
Where can we find out the way for breakthrough?

I have spent for five years after leaving from Japan and start living Himalaya India.

I needed to release myself from the too much information flow in modern society.

Now I can see something transparently what is the biggest problem in modern society.

Then I decide to open this blog to tell you the truth which I found.

Let me speak now.
I will tell you extremely important things only.
Sorry, my word may become too extremely sometimes.
Because I am Japanese, I have just small vocabulary,
I do not know the polite way to speak softly.

I just speak straightly by basic english which I can use.
I will recieve your advices to correct my wrong English.
Please give me them frankly when you find my mistake.
I am open.

First of all, the most important thing is that we have to throw away the consciousness which bind us.
Then we can open a transparent mind which can treat equally consciousness and unconsciousness.

When your consciousness is divided strongly from subconscious and body feeling, the unconsciousness world are created.

This is the biggest trap which most people are caught in this modern age.

Just throw away the bind of consciousness, and open your whole transparent mind.
You can meet your whole self.
Then you can find out that your whole being is resonating with the world,
with all people, all creatures in the world.

This is the most important thing which I tell you at first.

What is the resonance?
What is the whole self?
These points are the theme for following blogs.


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