Monday, January 02, 2006

narrow gate to the transparency

● Dualism of qualia

Qualia is a real feeling about the quality of something.
They come out beyond the timespace.
When qualia of deep fear which are folded in a deep memory which is printed at the first time when we were small children, come out, we feel them with full of reality for bodymind.

When our daily mind which connect strongly with consensus reality world is strong enough, we can distinguish between the realty of outside world and inner world.

But when a strong qualia come out, they change our total state of bodymind from physical state to mental state completely.
A pattern of neurohormonal message molecules control our bodymind state immediately.
These a set of message molecules are connected to a specific state of experience.

It is called “state-dependent memory, learning, and behavior” by psychobiologists like Ernest Rossi.

At that time we can not distinguish between a real qualia connected with the outside reality of now and here, and a reality of inner memorial qualia.
We have to fall into deep confusion.

This is the most terrible side of dualism of qualia.
Every delusion starts from here.

Everybody experience these kind of state-dependent memory, learning and behavior. But normally people do not pay attention about them, then these experiences are drived into surrounding.
It become a subconscious process.

But in a case of dissociated disorder, at the moment when the strong traumatic state-dependent memory come out, the switch of main character is turned off, and sub character starts to possess the whole bodymind.
At the moment all neurohormonal message molecules are changed into a specific state at once.
I can not control the process by consciousness.

● To eat or to be eaten
When I keep a good condition I can control th ewhole process which everybody who lives in the darkness of body come out, dance, and passing thorough me.

The process is similar for me with a string dance, which the ‘string theory’ by physicists suggests.
By the string theory, very tiny strings are vibrating in the Calabi-Yau space which eleven dimensions are folded.
Also many charactors and cratures are folded in the darkness of my body. These two process is similar for me, then I named this technique to become a “Calabi-Yau passing thorough body”.
I can transform into everything instantly.

But if I fail, the dualism of qualia eat me, and possess me.
I can not control everything, but I am controlled by the trick of qualia.
To eat the dualism of qualia, or to be eaten by the dualism of qualia, only one possibility of two we can get.

● Narrow gate to become a transparent mindbody

In a subbody buoth dancing, the most ideal state is to become a transparent bodymmind.
What is transparent bodymind?
It is to show everything which is happening around me,
arround whole bodymind.
Between conscious world and subconscious world, between body and mind, between you and me, between self and the world, I want to show everything happening transparently.

But there are narrow gate, until I get the transparent bodymind.
I have to overcome this big crisis, and passing thorough the side of big crisis, I may pass the gate.
I may fail or success. I do not know now at all, but I will go.

● Recovery the transparent resonance with the world

Why do I try to go to the transparent state against danger.
Because when I release from the conscious prioritized consciousness in this modern world, we become able to resonate with all animate beings.

We have to release from the bind of consciousness.
This miserable state which all human being are bind by these egoic mind have not ever been on this planet.
I remember until my grand mother7s age, people keep animism mind living with all nature.
Still now we can meet the hill tribe people on the mountain in asia or another world which keep the great transparent mind which resonate with the world.
When we become to able to treat ocnsciousness and subconscious equally, we will be transparent bodymind.

I hope the people who want to enter this world.
I have to tell you this is the dangerous way.
I hope to come only the people who recognize much of dangers and want to enter this way in spite of them.
Let’s go with together in the darkness.


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