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After 50 years Subbody Butoh was born

The Butoh 2006
2 After fifty years Subbody Butoh was born

Tatsumi Hijikata 1972
After Hijikata started his butoh dance, fifty years has passed.
In these fifty years, we got so many maps into the multi dimensional transforming world which Hijikata invented to enter.

Why could Hijikata create so extremely strange butoh?
Because he invented how to enter the special path to the darkness of body.
In this darkness there are multi dimensional world which is fluidly shape-shift always.
The inner dead resonate with outer dead.The inner collapsed cry together with outer collapsed.HIjikata said often “I keep a dead sister in my body. I always move with her doubly in the every morning.”He had long hear and weared his dead sister’s traditional cloths always.
Also he said,” I thirst to be a handicapped collapsed body.”He continued to search the collapsed body from the near death, insane, deseased, handicapped, and corrected them as a butoh form.
This collapsed body is so-called “Suijakutai” which he pursuied for the all life.He found the deep resonance between inner collapsed body and outer collapsed body.
Then he opened another dimensions which the butoh spirits are dancing together beyond the time and space.
Before Japanese society shifted to the high informational society,There are so many paths to these another dimensions in a country life of AsiaMost people had a animistic fluid mind.But through the later half of 20 century society sifted to mono-dimensional modern world. Then we have lost the paths to the multi-dimensional world. We lost the ability of resonance with another dimension, with others, with animals, and so on.
But in these fifty years, some people search the paths to alternative way of life. Through their work, we got some map of the way to the multi-dimensional transforming world.Then now we can enter the paths to the butoh land by using these maps.I introduce following people’s works which I got useful maps from.
1. Michel Foucault predicted “the death of human”, which is the concept of human will be disappeared, when alternative type of intelligence will be found.”, in his work ;“Words and things” 1966. He meant that the humanism which is human centered thinking of modern western society will vanish and shift to another thinking way.
2. Gilles Deleuze /Felix Guattari proposed a new thinking way of rhizome, 1968. “Rhizome” can separate and connect each other freely in a multi-dimensional world. It is the opposite to the concept of “Tree” which has pyramid shaped hierarchy. “Mille Plateaux” is the one of best guide to the multi-dimensional fluidly shape?shift world which Hijikata found the path of Butoh magic.
3. String theory was found 1968, and developed the extremely different aspect to the universe in these 40 years.Most of us take for granted that our universe has three dimensions. But this is not so according to string theory, which claims that our universe has many more dimensions than meet the eye?dimnsions that are tightly curled into the folded fablic of the cosmos.According to string theory, the universe is made up of tiny strings whose resonant patterns of vibration are the microscopic origin of particle masses and force changes.Against the standard physics which is bound by the old three dimensional intelligence, string theory opened completely new sight to the multi-dimensional universe. It suggest to us the possibility of new type thinking way.
4. Arnold Mindell facilitates us to enter the multi-dimensional world by his “process oriented psychology”. He developed the psychology of C.G. Jung from three dimensional understanding about our whole self, individuation to adding the time process. He proposes us to be released from the bind of Consensus Reality and challenge to live in the fluid multi-dimensional world which is un-consensus reality and become a modern sharman.
5. A.L. Rossi guides us to the psycho-somatic interactive world by his “Psychobiology of mind-body healing” and his method of Ideodynamic healing in hypnosis. He found the missing links which composes our complex, trauma and dissociations by the interaction between mind and body. It is called “State-dependent memory, learning and behavior”. By using his method we can enter the subconscious world more safely.
6. Japanese anthropologist Shinichi Nakazawa illuminated that our human has the double different thinking ways which are ancient liquid intelligence and modern intelligence. Modern people has lost the liquid intelligence. But he propose that we need to recover the double thinking ways. He is going to establish an Art anthropology research center in this spring in Japan
They are the most important work for paradigm shift of human thinking and living way in these fifty years

Subbody butoh Opens an art of tree=rhizome
I can show the perspective of total vision in the following pictures.
Left picture shows the modern intelligence which is bound by consensus reality of three dimensional world.
Right picture shows multi-dimensional liquid intelligence world. Like a strings which are vibrating in the eleven dimensions of Calabi-Yau space. (Illustration by Colona)
Now we can choice to stay in the classical mono-dimensional consensus realities or to enter the both world between the tree system and rhizome. Which is more interesting for you?
Subbody Butoh which was born after fifty years from Hijikata, established the method to enter the both world of tree and rhizome, modern intelligence and multi-dimensional fluid world with using these maps which were found in these fifty years.
Subbody Butoh method opened the way to become a creator of one’s own Butoh with resonating between the inner darkness of body and all unhappiness of the outer world.


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