Monday, March 27, 2006

butoh school journal march 13

March 13, 2006
●Subbody Butoh school has started
Today Subbody Butoh School Himalaya has started.
I will record my butoh teaching and what happen in the school.
I will upload the journal here on every weekend.
(When you meet unknown word, please read subbody butoh method.)
The students are Sara and Hiro from Japan, Pierre-Luc from Canada,
Monica from Brazil, Keren from Israel, and Saskia from Denmark.
I will teach how to create one’s own subbody butoh by subbody buoth method which I illuminated how Hijikata found his own butoh.
I do not choreograph my butoh movement at all. I believe that everybody can create one’s own butoh by this method.
●Listen to qualia
At the first teaching, I started to listen to qualia of the darkness of body.
Because it is the most important thing to create subbody butoh.
What is qualia? Most of students have not heard about this word, and confused.
Qualia is a kind of body feeling about something. But in normal conscious state, we do not notice about qualia.
When we level down our consciousness enough, we can catch the qualia.
We started from meditation. Here is no busy information. We can concentrate to the resonance with very quiet qualia of the Himalayan mountains.

●The effect of Jo-Ha-Kyu
I advised to concern about Jo-Ha-Kyu.
Every movement has own Jo-Ha-Kyu.
Jo is beginning. When a specific qualia stream comes out from subbody, it has the best timing to appear.
Just catch this timing.
Ha is changing. Also every movement has the best timing to change.
From one qualia to other qualia, one dimension to another dimension, it needs to shift in a best timing.
Kyu is climax and ending. To find the best timing to end, we need to develop our dance to the climax.
What is the climax of my butoh? We listen carefully to our subbody.
When our subbody answer us, “Yes, this is the most movement which I want to dance today”. It is sure to today’s Kyu. If not we need to search another movement.
After I adviced about this point, each student’s movement change completely better.
I could reconfirm that Jo-ha-Kyu has so great effect to improve the movement of butoh.

March 17, 2006
●Become subtle body
Today we try to transform to subtle body.
From the speed and size of daily body’s, we reduce our movement into one-hundredth speed and size.
And concentrate to listen to the subtle shift of body qualia stream.
Each student confused to catch such a subtle signal at first. But slowly they succeeded to catch them.
In a tiny butoh movement, there are so many subtle qualia shifts.
For most of student, it seemed the first time which they have heard about this subtle thing.
They confused a lot today. But we have to get used to searching such invisible and unbelievable thing for becoming a explorer of the darkness of body. We need time to be a butoh dancer.


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