Monday, March 27, 2006

How to create the deepest butoh dance

The 3rd week / 2006/03/27
●Search the deepest subbody
This week is the 3rd week after opening school.
We try to deeper research into the darkness of body.
In the morning we trid to experience our fetus qualia dream.
We listen to the body sound each other, and we became a big human womb.
And we listen to the darkness of body to find a strange qualia of the deepest subbody.
What is the deepest subbody?
It has the farthest qualia from human. It looks like the most miserable shape. The weakest, the lowest, almost dying qualia is the deepest one.
Because this qualia has the strongest ability of resonance.
It can resonate with the unhappiness of farthest place in this planet.
If we can dance this deepest subbody butoh, our subbody transform into the strongest resonating body with the world.

When we listen to the body, we can find many kind of qualia.
Almost of them are just giving a subtle short signal, and leaving immediately.
They show an instant bodily feeling, short flirt of image, vision, sign, and disappear soon.
We try to find the deepset one in these qualia, like a lowest creature’s movement, like a dream of fetus, shadow character’s feeling, weakest and dirtiest dying movement.
As strange one as possible, we try to search.

When we catch qualia of deepest subbody, we can amplify it to the subbody butoh with listening the Jo-Ha-Kyu timing.

This is the essence of subbody butoh method.


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