Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The most miserable qualia with the most novel Jo-ha-Kyu

●Opening the resonance channel
Today, I felt that student’s resonance channels of qualia are opened gradually.
Everyday we try to listen to subtle resonance between me and others, between inside and outside, this attempt sink into their body.
They can feel the resonance between a part of body and another part of body through skin, and also between each body.
When our consciousness is alive, we can not feel the resonance, but when we could stop daily brain, it comes up very easily.
They can move with listening the subtle resonance among them.
They transform from subbody to cobody.
Cobody is a resonating subbody.
When this resonance channel open, we can share very unique qualia which each person’s subbody has.

●The most miserable qualia with the most novel Jo-ha-Kyu
Also we continue to search the deepest subbody with the farthest qualia from human, the most miserable, lowest qualia.
Because it has the most strongest resonance ability.
But we have to find the most novel Jo-Ha-Kyu with this subbody butoh.
Jo-Ha-Kyu is the key of subbody butoh, if we can not show the subbody butoh without novel Jo-ha-Kyu, it does not work. Nobody will resonate.
Then the Jo-ha- kyu is one of the most important technique.

● Transparent Ri-ken (Watch the resonating Jo-ha-Kyu from outside)
We have to learn the thechnique of Ri-ken.
Ri-ken means watch yourself from outside in performance.
But this does not mean to watch by video camera eye.
Video camera eye does not resonate with qualia.
We have to learn to watch the resonance between butoh dancer and audience.
It is always swaying. We need to control it very carefully to find the best timing of Jo-Ha-Kyu.
This is the resonance Ri-ken technique of subbody butoh.
Everything is resonating. It is the most important thing to open this resonance Ri-ken channel in butoh.


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