Saturday, April 29, 2006

Everything is resonating!

●Teaching about resonance 

Subbody School is a place for metamorfosis to start a new life

through learning subbody resonance method.

Beginner’s course: 1 month
(To meet your whole self, and to create your own subbody dance by

learning subbody method)

Creator’s course: 3 months
(To study subbody method for starting a life as an original


Resonator’s course: 1 year
(To study whole of subbody resonance method for changing your way

of life as a resonator)

Facilitator’s course: 3 years
(To become a facilitator who can support others to connect with

their own subbody and to create subbody dance)

School should be a place for secret metamorfosis for you.

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You can find some novel hints for changing way of life.

You can apply now June to November course!

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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

How to open creative subconscious

The 4th week / 2006/04/03
●The most creative place on the planet
Now I can say we succeed to open up the possibility of our creative subconscious.
The key is the finding subbody.
When subconscious become oneness with body it is possible to open the creativity in it’s full range.
Subbody method guide you to open eight channels; visual, audio, body, movement, feeling, human relationship, world image=self image, and thinking channel.

Psychologists and philosophers misunderstand that they can treat the subconscious by only thinking way by brain.
But nobody succeed to see transparently.
Because nobody can see subconscious directly.
It become visible when subconscious become oneness with body and movement in whole channels as a subbody.
Now we can see the movement of subconscious as a subbody butoh.

So we have to move with opening whole channels if we want to open our creativity of subconsciousness.
Now we can say this subbody butoh school is one of the most creative space on this planet. If you doubt it you can see our weekly photo journal of the butoh school.
●How to stop the gross body
I guided student to stop the gross body state of our daily body and mind.
For concentrate to listen to the subtle signal from our subbody, we start to sway our bottom of body with sitting position with finding the most comfortable tempo and size.
When we find it, we change the tempo of sway to very slow speed, then we can transform to subconscious mode easily.

When we enter into the subconscious mode, suddenly it is possible to feel so many sensitive qualia of body feeling are coming up. And we can feel very sweet body qualia at some part of body. When we move to spread it to another part of body with very subtle sway, the sweet qualia spread to our whole body. These are the signals that we shift into subconscious mode.

●Open introvert eight channels
We try to open introvert eight channels.
We have eight channels; Visual. Audio, Body, Movement, Feeling, Human relationship, World Image=self Image, and Thinking channels.
Each channel has both of extrovert channel and introvert channel.
Extrovert channels response to real world of outside, introvert channels resonate with inner imaginary qualia.
Extrovert channel is strong and it belongs to gross body of our daily body and mind.
Introvert channel is subtle and weak, it belongs to subtle body in our darkness of body.
Today we concentrate to open only subtle introvert channel in each channel. This method become possible just this year, until last year I could not guide how to open only introvert channel. This is the big change.

・Open introvert visual channel
Catch an imaginary eye which is watching your eyes in front of you.
Try to watch each other with this imaginary eye, sometimes by using exactly front eyes, sometimes by side edge eye.
Enjoy with imaginary vision by using white eyes which watch backward darkness.
Watch between front view and the darkness of back view by using diagonal eyes. Then you will find your shadow character is coming out with cunning face, black humor, jealousy, and any other strange character. We enjoy various kind of delicate qualia which we can not describe by words.
 ・Open introvert audio channel
With breathing listen to the various delicate rear nuance of body sound before they become human language or music by social sophistication.           
Taste them and amplify them by twisting mouth, changing face, and curving body.
When you make breathing sound by changing shape of body, you can feel that it connects to your emotion and feeling.
 ・Open introvert feeling channel
When you open introvert audio channel, you can notice that it is resonating with very delicate feeling flow.
Our daily consciousness recognizes only rough feelings like joy, sadness, anger, fun, ease, love, and hatred, on the contrary, introvert feeling has so delicate nuance variety which we can not explain the subtle difference by language.
Taste the rich variation of introvert feeling which is flowing in your darkness of body.
 ・Open introvert human relationship channel
Play with the imaginary interaction between you and imaginary strange persons or creatures. They appear in the space in front of you, and tease you, mock you, touch you in various unexpected ways.
They may force your arm make self contact in strange way.
They may enter into your body and move as a snake or rat.
Your body is possessed by them. Enjoy it.
 ・Open introvert world image=self image channel
Imagine that you are a fetus in your mother’s womb. This is your first world and self, They are not separated.
Imagine that you are a child in your kid’s room. You are a king in this world.
Imagine your school, society, country, and planet with feeling the shift of your self image.
Imagine that you are in a imaginary world, desert, tropical forest, deep see, moon, heaven, and in the earth. You can create any world image and self image freely.
 ・Open introvert thinking channel
Not opening the normal extrovert thinking channel by the way which you learned at the school.
But listen to a subtle signal of an awareness which comes up from your deep body. This awareness will tell you a deep truth. You must feel a strong brightness with it. Like the dense fog dispersed.
Ancient people used to call this as the enlightenment. When you continue to listen to the darkness of body it occur so often. Just receive it as a little reward naturally.

After this practice, we tried to catch the original qualia of each own subbody and shared together.
It is better as ugly as possible, as weak as possible.
Today pretty interesting subbodys are come out.

(I learned the basic concept of channels from C.G.Jung and Arnold Mindell. Jung’s types are four, and Mindell’s channels are six. I arranged them into eight channels through my experience. See “The process science of the dreambody” by Arnold Mindell ,1985 )

●Why can subbody find such an interesting changing timing?
Today, so many different varieties of Ha=changing movement are appeared from student’s subbodies.
This is the most grateful moment for a midwife of subbody.
Why can subbody find such an interesting Ha=changing timing so well?
I have asked myself for long time about this question.
Now I find an answer. The reason why subbody can find it is because subbody is not bound by stereotypes like consciousness.
Our consciousness is bound by stereotypes of dualism which is opposite of strength is weakness, contrast to slowness is high speed.
Then the judgment by consciousness is always so poor.
But subbody is so free from stereotypes, then subbody can find the best timing of Ha=changing from millions of possibilities.
Then when so many interesting ha=changing movements come out from student’s sobbody, it is the proof that they are now in a subconscious mode enough.
Everything is going well now. How far deep place can we sink into at this school?