Saturday, April 29, 2006

Everything is resonating!

●Teaching about resonance 

Subbody School is a place for metamorfosis to start a new life

through learning subbody resonance method.

Beginner’s course: 1 month
(To meet your whole self, and to create your own subbody dance by

learning subbody method)

Creator’s course: 3 months
(To study subbody method for starting a life as an original


Resonator’s course: 1 year
(To study whole of subbody resonance method for changing your way

of life as a resonator)

Facilitator’s course: 3 years
(To become a facilitator who can support others to connect with

their own subbody and to create subbody dance)

School should be a place for secret metamorfosis for you.

Please visit our site:

You can find some novel hints for changing way of life.

You can apply now June to November course!

Contact: Rhizome Lee



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