Friday, May 05, 2006

Everything is resonating!

Everything is resonating!

When you stop daily consciousness, you can catch it.

According to string theory of physics, the universe is made up of tiny strings whose resonant patterns of vibration are the microscopic origin of particle masses and force changes.
Against the standard physics which is bound by the old three dimensional intelligence, string theory opened completely new sight to the multi-dimensional universe. It suggests to us the possibility of new type of thinking way.

I expand the thinking of string theory one more step, I think that not only things, light, sounds, gravity, electromagnetism, but also qualia are made up of strings whose resonant patterns of vibration.

Yes, we human being are resonating with everything through feeling qualia resonance.

What is qualia?

Qualia are feeling of quality about something.
For example, everybody has qualia of red.
And in red qualia, there are many variation.
Red qualia of apple, fire, sunset, blood, etc. we have so many variation and gradation of red qualia.
We don7t mistake qualia of sunset for qualia of apple.
But we have large red qualia, too, we know red qualia include apple, fire, blood,etc. without words, without consciousness.
We are always feeling qualia about everything subconsciously, though our consciousness does not notice it.

Why is it possible to distinguish them without words?
Because eof qualia resonance.
Red qualia of apple resonate with red qualia of fire in a specific resonant pattern.
It resonate with red qualia of blood in a little bit different pattern, then we can recognize the difference and similarity at once.

String theory and qualia resonance

According to the string theory of latest physics, all mass and force are generated by the difference of resonant patterns of tiny strings.
Strings are vibrating in eleven dimensions, include the four dimensions of timespace which we know well, and the unknown seven subtle dimensions which are folded into very tiny space.
Then the resonant pattern of strings are infinite, string theorist suggest so.

I try to expand the string theory into qualia.
Why not qualia, if all existence are generated by strings, also qualia must be generated by the strings.

So, according to my supposition every qualia are generated by the difference of resonance pattern of strings.

The infinity of variation and gradation of qualia must be related with the infinity of resonant patterns of strings.

I can not imagine that except of the infinity of resonant pattern of strings, there is no parallel with the infinity of qualia.

This is the reason why I suppose the resonance theory of qualia.

All creature are resonating in Himalaya

Five years before I started to live in Himalaya. One day of monsoon season, I looked a bird are singing on the tree in my garden.
I asked her, “What are you doing?”
She answered me, “I am just resonating with nature. It is so beautiful.”
Suddenly I noticed the simple fact that every creature is resonating with the world.
After this experience, I slowly change my thinking way from egoic viewpoint which I kept in Japan to resonant viewpoint.
Especialy the many secrets in subbody dance are solved by changing to resonant viewpoint.
Then I started to create this resonance theory.

We are always resonating

We are always resonating through qualia resonance with everything.

When you see a thing, you resonate with reflection of light from that thing.
When you hear a sound you resonate with vibrations of air.
When you read this sentence you resonate with my thinking somehow.
Warmth, gravity, light, color, sound, taste, smell, imagination, thinking, ……everything has it own qualia, and through qualia we resonate with everything in the real world and imaginary world.
There are no distinction between real and imaginary for qualia.

Qualia are always just resonate each other beyond the border of eleven dimensions freely.