Sunday, June 18, 2006

Affirming Manifesto for all psycho-somatic disorders

Affirming Manifesto for all psycho-somatic disorders 


I am a teacher of Butoh and Resononce touch body work in Himalaya.

I start new serial essay “ The Affirmation” on my website.

“Affirm everything in the whole self.”

This is a Manifesto to all people including psycho-somatic

disorders in the world for changing the way of life.
Affirming Manifesto is a theory and practice to open hopeful

future for us.
I will grow this theory and practice step by step at Himalaya

I look for people who collaborate with us.
Our principle is self-help and resonance.

1. To affirm the whole of your peculiarities

Gradually I understand what the most important thing in life is,

through meditation which I sink into the darkness of body.
I try to listen to the life every day for many years.

The most important thing for human is to affirm everything of our

whole self.

The life does not want to be negated.
Life needs an infinite affirmation.
This is the most important thing for life.

Even if your whole self are dissociated far from us,
Even if your identities are disappeared,
Even you fall into depressions,
Even you are attacked by strange schizophrenic imaginations,
You need to affirm all of them in your whole self.

If you are interesting in this attmpt, please visit site:

And read more the essay "Affirmation"

Rhizome Lee